Ninghai Tony Stationery Co., Ltd. is one of the most competitive Magnets manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have specialized in Magnets for 17 years and exported our products to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia with strong delivery support, good quality and services.

Magnets, it is also called Refrigerator Magnets. Refrigerator Magnets has a long history, it is very popular in daily life. Refrigerator Magnets is widely used, you can take a note with it, also it can help you classify things. Magnets is a nice decoration, too. The designs of Magnets is very monotonous in the early stage, but it is become more and more fashion, we have many choices for it. Magnets can used not only in home, but also in office, school, library etc. Magnets is the  best partner in your life.

Sustainability is a core value of TONY culture.We are at the forefront of this industry by using a lot of recyclable plastic and biomaterital to eliminate the need of virgin plastic.In order to protect the environment, we will insist on the use of environmentally friendly materials.

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  • Ninghai Tony Stationery Co., Ltd. stands proudly as a seasoned authority in the industry of Office Products, Student Stationery, and Consumer Products, with a solid track record that spans over a decade. Tony factory is located in Ningbo, China. Our product portfolio, including an array of Magnets, Clipboard, Magnetic Clip, Storage Products, and Door Stopper with Magnet, represents the core of our manufacturing excellence. We are poised to provide you with competitive quotation that reflect our stature in the global market, asserting our commitment to quality and affordability. Trust in our expertise to equip you with the finest office essentials tailored to build efficiency and convenience.

  • Ninghai Tony Stationery Co., Ltd., a supplier in the plastic products industry, is dedicated to enhancing the convenience of our daily lives. We are located in Ningbo, China, enjoys convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, our factory has pioneered the development and production of superior Office Products, Student Stationery and versatile Consumer Products. Our extensive range of products, including bespoke Magnets, Clipboard, and a variety of Storage Products, sees ubiquitous use in numerous settings from educational institutions to household kitchens and bathrooms. Since Tony's inception, we have embraced a meticulous approach to our craft, upholding the mantra 'Careful every moment' in every facet of our operation. Our pledge is to deliver long-lasting, high-quality products at prices that stand as a testament to our competitive spirit and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction."

  • Established in the vibrant city of Ningbo, China, Ninghai Tony Stationery Co., Ltd. has carved a niche for itself as a specialized manufacturer of Magnets since its inception in 2006. Sprawling over an area of 6783 square meters, our state-of-the-art facility is a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence in the stationery industry. At Tony, we pride ourselves on our adherence to international standards, as evidenced by our BSCI certification. Our production capabilities are bolstered by more than 300 sets of plastic injection molds and 24 advanced Zhenxiong injection molding machines, enabling us to meet the high demands of our diverse clientele.

  • Since its foundation in 2006, Ninghai Tony Stationery Co., Ltd. has committed itself to the expert production of a wide array of Office Products, Student Stationery & Consumer Products. Recognized as one of China's leading manufacturers, our brand has become synonymous with superiority in both product excellence and customer service. At Tony Stationery, consistency in delivering high-quality professional plastic products is our ethos. Our dedicated professional workshop operates independently, ensuring meticulous attention to craftsmanship and detail. Our focus is not solely on the aesthetics of our products but also on their functional durability.

  • Established in 2006, Ninghai Tony Stationery Co., Ltd. solidifies its reputation as an expert manufacturer, offering comprehensive stationery solutions for office, academic, and day-to-day purposes. To facilitate market demands and our expansion, a modern production factory was inaugurated in Changjie EDA, Ninghai, China. With over 17 years of manufacturing prowess, we specialize in an array of products including Magnets, Clipboard, Pencil Box, and more, catering to a global clientele. Yearly, we proudly dispatch millions of our products worldwide, steadfast in delivering superior quality at competitive prices.

  • Ninghai Tony Stationery Co., Ltd., based in Ningbo, China, is a leading supplier known for its export-focused and multifaceted approach to manufacturing. We specialize in a broad range of products catering to offices, schools, kitchens, and living spaces. Our extensive product lineup includes, but is not limited to, uniquely designed Magnets, Clipboard, and various Magnetic Clip. In alignment with our commitment to excellence, we offer customized options to meet your unique needs. Since our inception, our core philosophy "Careful every moment" has been the cornerstone of our operations, ensuring we deliver only the highest quality products. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide durable solutions at competitive prices, striving to exceed customer expectations with every interaction.

Tony Stationery has been producing Magnets made in China for many years, and is one of the professional Magnets manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can buy customized products directly from our factory, and we will provide you with durable and high-quality products and give you certain discounts. Interested buyers can consult us for product quotations and free samples.
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