Our Service


Design consulting and advice to have your product for manufacture to market,since this is a very technical area where attention to detail is vital. At the same time, we will adjust your design to be more suitable for production.


We are working with you on the suitable grade of mould tooling you woul like for your product and with the follow-up service to mactch. We can provide your products with silk screen, thermal transfer and other different printing process to achieve the desired effect.


Sustainability is a core value of TONY culture.We are at the forefront of this industry by using a lot of recyclable plastic and biomaterital to eliminate the need of virgin plastic.In order to protect the environment, we will insist on the use of environmentally friendly materials. 


Our experience and ability allows us to understand and adapt to the most common market segments as well as your unique needs and expectations. We will work with you about OEM&ODM.

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