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Tony Stationery attend the General Meeting of Changjie Chamber of Commerce


Changjie Town Chamber of Commerce successfully holds the 7th General Meeting with the theme "Upholding Tradition, Innovating with Bravery, and Moving Forward with determination." The event took place on November 24th and was attended by all members of the Chamber and officials from various levels of government. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Ninghai Tony Stationery Co., Ltd. was also invited to attend this conference.

During the event, the achievements of the Council were reported by President Wang Xingqi. The report was centered around efforts to enhance the Council's functionality and to continually elevate the organization's ability to serve its member companies. Furthermore, the report included that next year's focuses should be the encouragement of active engagement, the strengthening of practical construction efforts, and the implementation of an enhanced service-oriented approach.

Mr. Ge Haifeng, Secretary of the County Federation of Industry and Commerce Party and Vice Chairman, highly praised the achievements of the ChangjieTown Chamber of Commerce, particularly on their consistent efforts to maintain and extend their core functions. He also applauded the Chamber's contributions to its members and encouraged them to attain continued success. The conference focused on praising Ninghai Tony Stationery Co., Ltd. and praised its past achievements and contributions to the hometown. Tony Stationery is very proud of this and promises to continue working hard and creating brilliance.

Ninghai Tony Stationery Co., Ltd. has been consistently performing well within the community for quite some time. Their mission is aligned with upholding the ancient principles of conduct, while also enhancing their innovative capabilities to adapt to the changing business environment. By continuing to work together, they hope to cultivate a shared vision, inspire cooperation and build a company with a mutual respect and universal achievement mindset.

In conclusion, the 7th General Meeting of Changjie Chamber of Commerce was a resounding success. The Chamber has demonstrated its continued commitment to its membership and to the sustainable development of Changjie Town business community, and we look forward to seeing great things from them in the future.

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