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What are the common Student Stationeries?


Student Stationery is common stationery and supplies used by students in school and studying. Here are some common student stationery items:

Pencil and eraser: standard stationery for writing and drawing.

Pens and Ink Pens: Stationery used for writing and signing, often used in schools and universities.

Colored Pencils and Crayons: Stationery used for drawing and coloring, often used in elementary school and kindergarten.

Sticky Notes and Scratch Pads: Small pieces of paper used to record notes, reminders, and messages.

Notebooks and exercise books: Books used for writing, practicing, and taking notes.

Bags and Backpacks: Backpacks used to carry books and stationery.

Folders and Bags: Stationery used to organize and store files, assignments, and documents.

Calculator: A calculation tool used for mathematical and scientific calculations.

Rulers and set squares: Tools used for measuring and drawing.

Correction fluid and correction tape: Stationery used to correct clerical errors and edit documents.

Staples and Staples: Tools used to bind documents and reports.

Glue and Glue Sticks: Stationery for gluing and collage.

Bookmark: A small label used to mark books and documents.

Stationery Box: A small box or bag used to store and organize stationery.

Folder Labels and Stickers: Labels and stickers for labeling and organizing folders.

Seals and Stamp Pads: Stationery used for stamping documents and paper.

These Student Stationery are the basic supplies that students need for daily study. Depending on grade level and subject, students may also need specific stationery and tools. In addition, Student Stationery is usually selected based on personal taste and needs to meet the requirements of their learning and creative activities.