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How do you attach plastic clips?


Attaching plastic clips can vary depending on the type of clip and the material you're attaching them to. Plastic clips are commonly used for securing items, organizing cables, and holding things together. Here's a general guide on how to attach plastic clips:

1. Choose the Right Clip: There are different types of plastic clips, such as bulldog clips, binder clips, cable clips, and more. Choose the type of clip that suits your specific needs.

2. Identify Attachment Points: Determine where you want to attach the plastic clips. This could be a piece of paper, fabric, cable, or any other material.

3. Opening the Clip:

For bulldog clips and binder clips: These types of clips have arms that can be opened. Press or squeeze the arms of the clip to open it, creating a gap between the arms.

For cable clips: These clips often have a hinged design. Open the hinged portion of the clip to create an opening.

4. Insert the Material:

For paper or fabric: Place the material you want to secure between the arms of the clip. Make sure it's aligned properly.

For cables: Insert the cable(s) into the opening of the clip. Make sure the clip is positioned along the cable's path.

5. Close the Clip:

For bulldog clips and binder clips: Release the arms of the clip to secure the material. The clip's tension should hold the material in place.

For cable clips: Close the hinged portion of the clip, securing the cable(s) within.

6. Adjust if Needed: Depending on the type of clip and the material you're attaching, you might need to adjust the clip's position or tension to achieve the desired hold.

7. Removing the Clip:

To remove a clip, simply reverse the process. Open the arms or hinge, and gently remove the material.


When attaching plastic clips to delicate materials like paper or fabric, be cautious not to apply too much pressure, as it could damage or crease the material.

Some plastic clips have rubberized or padded surfaces to provide a better grip and prevent damage to the attached material.

When using cable clips, make sure not to pinch or damage the cables while attaching the clip.

Always follow any specific instructions provided by the manufacturer for the particular type of plastic clip you're using. The process can slightly differ depending on the design and intended use of the clip.